Rest with no air

Bia Mello , Alessia
Duration 32 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Facesitting F/F
Date Jul 19, 2020


Alessia is tired of cleaning the house every day and Bia is always dirtying it. Therefore, today the maid decides to rest instead of working, but unfortunately, she is caught by the domme. Bia doesn't even let her get up, and is already positioned to cover Alessia's face completely with her huge ass. It has no exit, nor entry for air! The slave struggles under Bia's buttocks, but the domme doesn't even think about getting up. To make matters worse, Bia uses baby oil to make her private parts more slippery and starts rubbing herself in Alessia's face, hurting the slave while leaving her breathless. It seems that the day of rest has become a nightmare for Alessia!

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Jul 22, 2020

Please make a f-f facesitting video with Bia Mello and take video from behind. It is very nice to see the neck and jaw under the ass or the pussy. Bia Mello is very nice on it. She is godnese. Por favor, faça um vídeo f-f com Bia Mello e assista por trás. É muito bom ver o pescoço e a mandíbula embaixo da bunda ou da buceta. Bia Mello é muito legal nisso. Ela é godnese.

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