Heavy and strong facesitting

Chris Castelary , Bia Mello , Jennifer
Duration 40 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Facesitting F/F
Date Sep 20, 2020


Jennifer's moment of rest ends in the worst possible way: her dommes catch her sleeping on duty and they don't even give her time to justify herself… Chris already sits on her face and leaves her breathless! Completely trapped and stifled by the enormous buttocks, Jennifer cannot escape, and soon afterwards Bia sits on her face too. The two dommes amuse themselves by seeing Jennifer's desperation and shortness of breath, and rub themselves so much on the girl's face that they almost hurt her. There is no rest and there are only a few seconds to breathe, which leaves Jennifer thinking that her life will end at that moment. Can you imagine the despair? Wow!

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