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unfair fight - 3 x 1

Tay , Veronica Lins , Víbora , Jack
Duration 60 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Facesitting F/M
Date Jan 14, 2024


Veronica Lins was challenged by Jack for a fight, she is a good fighter but has never fight against a man, so she is very tense! In the other side, the man is very confidence because he is training for that fight, but without he notice, Tay is behind him, she is Veronica's trainer. Once the fight starts, the man was attacked from behind by Tay and he can not see what is happening. Tay and vibora is fighint togheter, he has no chance. After 10 min. the referee stops the fight, Veroncia is the winner, but she can not stop! Tay and the referee is talking to Veronica stop but she deicided to show the girls a txt he sent to her on that morning. Now the 3 girls are really angry and decided to humiliate the man.

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