No smoke, just asses!

Melissa Lisboa , Manuela , Alessia
Duration 33 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Facesitting F/F
Date Nov 17, 2019


Manuela and Melissa are getting ready for the redhead's birthday party when they smell a despicable cigarette smell. It's Alessia smoking hidden again! Furious, they both catch the slave in the act and spit in her face, deciding to punish her more severely so that she learns the lesson once and for all. Just as they feel stifled with smoke, they will stifle Alessia with their asses! These two climb up the slave and hold her between the legs so that she can’t escape. They take turns sitting in Alessia's face and depriving her of all the air that can reach her lungs, causing huge despair. To make matters worse, they get aroused and rub oil into their pussies, to masturbate on the slave's face until they cum and almost make Alessia faint without oxygen! Wow!!

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