Help to cum

Tay , Jaqueline
Duration 39 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Facesitting F/F
Date Jun 14, 2020


Tay is horny and tries to masturbate, but she can't cum alone. The girl then decides to use her slave to help her, and when she finds Jaque resting, she wakes up the slave sitting on her face! Desperate for lack of breath, Jaque wakes up struggling and trying to get out from under Tay, but the brunette holds her between her legs and rubs her pussy on her non-stop, looking for pleasure. Tay still uses baby oil, which leaves Jaque even more breathless, and her pussy rubbing on the slave's face continues for a long time and in many positions, until the domme feels satisfied and manages to cum. Pleasant for Tay, but breathtaking for Jaque!

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