Hard Facesitting Jeans

Babi Ventura , Saori Kido
Duration 33 minutes
Quality FullHD
Category Facesitting F/F
Date Oct 22, 2017


When Babi got home, Saori was lying on her bed. Now Babi will crushe Saori agains the bedroom sitting on her face very hard. Babi is wearing jeans shorts and it will hurt Saori`s face while she is STIFLING. Babi masturbates her pussy fucking very hard Saori`s face, ridding in a hot way. Don`t miss this new facesitting release from newmfx.

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Oct 22, 2017

An other great video and nice acting. I just don't understand why the camera man is consistently zooming in and out !! What is wrong with staying focus on a point with a distance . Finally we should be able to see what is going on or not? Stay in a proper distance and zoom the camera out whenever you want to jump to an other angle and continue shooting . You are not making a video of a football match with 22 players inside a big yard but one bed and two people so there is no reason to focus in and out frequently which cause headache . The last thong is there is almost 10 minutes on every video a big waste of time. You know people from all around the world are watching your product or at least they have better do it and they mostly don't understand this language so 10 minutes out of 30 minutes total video for just talking and talking is too much, Please go to action faster since this is a fetish porno graphy and people are not interested in hearing dialog in general. Over all GREAT JOB. Every video is remarkable on it's own and every one is better than the other so hopefully we are getting there finally.

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