Fancy Skirt

Laura , Fabiana
Duration 32 minutes
Quality HD
Category Facesitting F/F
Date Jun 10, 2019


Laura is going crazy trying to find her chic and expensive skirt, which she has earned as a gift and is imported. Meanwhile, Fabiana is cleaning the living room with a strange cloth she found thrown. When the brunette asks the blonde about the skirt and realizes that the piece of clothing is being made of cleaning cloth, she freaks out! Even though Fabiana was not to blame for not knowing that this was her skirt, Laura decides to punish her friend and make her suffer for ruining such expensive clothes! Without wasting time, she throws the blonde on the floor and rides on top of her, making sure to impose her pussy against Fabiana's face so that the girl gets completely without air. Poor girl... Punished and breathless!

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