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Don't touch my things!

Dayana , Monica
Duration 30 minutes
Quality HD
Category Facesitting F/F
Date Jan 21, 2019


Monica is a maid and she’s supposed to clean Dayana’s office every day. Seeing that her boss is not there at the right time, she decides to scour a little bit on her things and files, just to see what she’s working with. After that, the lazy maid grabs the phone to enjoy some time chatting with her friend... And this is when things get bad. Dayana arrives and can’t believe in what she sees. She starts screaming and getting more pissed as the fight goes on. Monica has to pay for it and Dayana knows how to do it: she will stifle her. With her fancy pants, she sits on the maid’s face for a bunch of times, making her lose her air and suffer so much that you can even see her face getting red. Dayana finds a lot of positions to worse the girl’s suffering, enjoying every corner of the office to drag Monica and hold her breath. Do you think she will survive it?

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