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Amandinha , Grazy , Alana
Duration 34 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Facesitting F/F
Date Dec 23, 2018


Grazy and Alana decide to go to bed after a long day. When they enter their room, they find Amandinha, the slave, chilling out and chatting on the phone with both of her foot on top of their bed. Not believing in what they see, it’s time to give this disobedient slave what she really deserves. Grazy throws Amandinha on the bed and starts to take turns with Alana, sitting on the slave’s face with desire. They sit on her in a lot of positions, making Amandinha give value to every rare breath she’s able to take between these two hot girls change places on sitting at her face with a lot of body oil.Do you think this slave will finally learn her lesson?

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