Breaking records

Grazy , Manu Fox , Saori Kido
Duration 33 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Facesitting F/F
Date Apr 07, 2019


This one is just amazing. Manu and Grazy are both sitting with their big asses on top of Saori, but the girl doesn’t move and can stand the situation without fighting back for too long… It’s almost unbelievable! The domes even think she fainted, but when they get off her, she's still awake, though very red and airless. This happens several times during the video, while the hotties Manu and Grazy take turns rubbing their butts and pussies in the slave’s face, making her handle as much as she can and testing her limits. You will be surprised by Saori's resistance and especially shocked by the slave's appearance after so much time deprived of air. She is exhausted and very weak!

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adri ano

Dec 28, 2019

Saori, I love!!


Apr 02, 2019

Oh yeah,I wait this video,grazy the best:)

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