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Betrayed woman

Monica , Desiree
Duration 30 minutes
Quality HD
Category Facesitting F/F
Date May 13, 2019


Desiree has discovered that she is being betrayed by her husband and that Monica is the woman who is dated him. Knowing she's a harlot, Desiree calls the girl pretending she needs her services. They start talking and Monica assumes she goes out with married men! This is exactly when Desiree begins to execute her revenge and arrest Monica with ropes! This betrayed woman uses everything she can to make the harlot get breathless, making her suffer as much as she can. Desiree stifles her with her hands, her legs and especially her pussy! Didn ‘t she like her husband's dick? Now she will have the wife's pussy tucked deep in her face, depriving her of all possible air!

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