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A gift to a bad girl

Alana , Mel
Duration 32 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Facesitting F/F
Date Dec 29, 2019


Alana arrives with a Christmas present for Mel, but since she's been a bad girl all year, it will certainly be a very bad thing. Before she can get the gift, Alana throws her down on the bed and climbs up on her, pinning her between her legs and sitting with her pussy straight on Mel's face to stifle her! When she manages to break free for a few seconds, Mel appears crushed, destroyed, and desperate for air, but Alana soon arrests her again. When the slave has a chance to open the gift, she discovers it's a body oil and Alana will use it to rub her ass and keep sitting in her face! Making Mel disappear between her buttocks and rubbing the pussy on the girl's face until she cums, Alana deprives the slave of all existing air! Wow!

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