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Under my sister

Tatthy , Outro
Duration 30 minutes
Quality HD
Category Facesitting F/F
Date Feb 24, 2020


Tatthy is lying down, when her sister appears wearing her mommy's Egyptian costume. She threatens to tell her mom, but before she can get out of bed, her sister dominates her and puts her ass in her face! Trapped between her buttocks and trying to scream, Tatthy is demeaned and stifled by her sister, who shows who's the boss. Rubbing her asshole on Tatthy's nose and mouth and covering her airways, the sister does all the cruelty she can by leaving her breathless, and even splashes water on her own body, letting the drops fall on the small portion of her face that’s not covered by her buttocks. Have you ever imagined how desperate it must have been to be trapped under your sister? Wow!!

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