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Rest, slave!

Dayana , Karla
Duration 17 minutes
Quality HD
Category Facesitting F/F
Date Mar 09, 2020


Dayana comes home after a long journey and finds the living room messy, with remnants of a party. To make her mood worse, she finds her slave, Karla resting in her bed and wearing her pajamas! How audacious! The slave assumes that she gave a party to two and Dayana loses her mind, deciding to take revenge in a way that Karla won’t have a way to fight back: sitting on her face. Didn't the slave want to rest? Then now she will fall in rest forcibly, as she will be without enough air to remain conscious. Front and back, wearing pants and then just panties, Dayana rubs her pussy and ass on Karla's face, covering her completely, without letting any oxygen in, and listening to her scream until her life comes to an end. Wow!

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