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Comfortable seat

Bruna , Lia Bastos , Gabriela , Julia , Maria
Duration 30 minutes
Quality HD
Category Facesitting F/F
Date Feb 17, 2020


Bruna realizes how fluffy and strong Maria is, and suggests that she serve as a sofa for her friends. Maria accepts the proposal, and then the 4 girls get together to climb on her. One sits on her legs, another on her belly, another on her chest and finally the last one sits on Maria's face, with her pussy on her nose and mouth so she doesn't breathe. The girls change positions all the time, even putting three asses, one on top of the other, all on top of Maria's face to prevent oxygen from passing. The slave is crushed under all those girls, who even lay on her. And oh, she can't complain about the weight, because the girls punish her even more!

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