You can't breath, you can't scream!

Josie , Chris
Duration 60 minutes
Quality HD
Category Facesitting F/F
Date Jan 27, 2020


Josie goes to Chris' house to charge her on bills she hasn't paid. The blonde gets elated and loses her temper, so Chris decides to calm her down in a tormenting way: sitting on her face! Chris has a huge ass and is wearing very thick jeans, so she ends up leaving Josie completely out of breath. The fabric covers the blonde's nostrils and mouth and Chris' huge buttocks make the girl disappear under her for many seconds. Josie's only chance to breathe is when Chris gets up and looks for a new position to stifle her! Yes, it seems that Josie was imposed to calm down, since it became impossible to scream... She got totally out of breath! Wow!

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